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22 Mar 2024

What Is Pointing On A Roof?

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In the construction, there is a simple yet crucial task called roof pointing. Roof pointing involves sealing gaps and cracks in your roof with a mix of cement mortar. This pointing material is applied to the structure where your roof tiles sit, and where different roof areas intersect. This is done with a flexible pointing compound. But why is it important, and how is it done?

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The purpose of Roof Pointing

The purpose of a roof is to protect your house from the elements. Over time your tiled roof can crack, which leads to openings and leaks. Roof repointing and ridge capping steps in to seal up those gaps, which makes sure that your home stays dry and sturdy.

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Key Benefits of Pointing Roof Tiles


Repointing roof ridge tiles prevents water from leaking in through your roof bedding into your home. A leaking roof can be very dangerous and expensive.

Strength of your Roof

Maintaining the strength and structural integrity of your roof is very important. The structure could ultimately collapse, or warp if the tile pointing of your existing roof is not done by a roofing professional.

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Having proper roof pointing applied to your roof extends the life span of your roof. This saves you money in the long run from having to pay for roof repairs.

Sidewalk Appeal

Other than the functional benefits of having roof pointing and roof ridge capping, tiled roofs that are pointed look a lot better, and cleaner from the curb.

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Why do you need a professional to roof point?

Roof pointing seems like a straight forward job. But it is in fact very important to complete every step correctly. Here at Newcastle Roofing Professionals use our expertise, experience and knowledge to have this process done the best possible way.

Our experienced roof bedding and pointing team can provide you with the best advice on products, and solutions to suit your roof. Giving you the ultimate peace of mind!

Newcastle Roofing Professionals are a licensed and insured network of highly skilled roofing tradesmen delivering outstanding products, services and, most importantly, workmanship for over three decades.

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Roof Assessments and Roof Inspections

If you have any questions about the condition of your roof, need roof repairs or would like to book an inspection by one of our professional roof assessors, we can arrange a prompt visit.

Assessments with Newcastle Roofing Professionals gives you access to the best roofing advice and a full report on the condition of your roof. Additionally, you have the opportunity to discuss roof repairs, roof restoration, and installation of gutter guard, ventilators or other fixtures with an experienced roofing professional.

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