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Gutter Guard

Tired of cleaning gutters?

Newcastle roofing Professionals can organise the installation of gutter guard, also commonly called leaf screener, leaf guard, or gutter mesh. A gutter protection system is founded on the principles of collecting clean rainwater, keeping leaf debris and vermin from the gutters and, most importantly, ensuring that the need to clean gutters is eliminated. This reduces hassle and eliminates the risk of falling from ladders and roofs while keeping your gutters clean.

The system ensures all rainwater is directed into the gutters, while allowing leaf debris to pass directly over them, washing to the ground below.

The mesh fits most homes or buildings including slate, deck, tile and corrugated roofs. A range of colour options are available to match your roof or gutters, ensuring the system becomes a feature and not an eyesore.

The inland regions surrounding Newcastle, the Central Coast and Lake Macquarie can be prone to bushfires in summer; a danger enhanced by the tendency for gutters and roofs to collect leaves and detritus. For those in high risk fire areas, fire protection against ember attack is of real concern to homeowners. To combat the possibility of leaf debris catching alight within the gutters as a result of bushfires, metal gutter guard has now been developed with a Flammability Rating of 1, as certified by the CSIRO.  gutter guard

Gutter-Guard Newcastle-Gutter-Guard

Why have your gutter guard installed with us?

  • No maintenance
  • High Carbon Content
  • 15 years Extended Guarantee
  • Estimated working life approximately 20 years
  • Australian Made
  • No cleaning gutters... ever again!
  • Molten temperature 320 degrees
  • Specially designed for water collection
  • Colorbond trims, matched to the colour of your gutters, giving extra strength
  • Fits all standard gutter
  • Highest UV stabilising formula available
  • Weight 1kg per square metre
  • Food quality rating for water collection
  • Water is directed into the gutters, not off the roof
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Roof Assessments and Roof Inspections

If you have any questions about the condition of your roof, need roof repairs or would like to book an inspection by one of our professional roof assessors, we can arrange a prompt visit.

Assessments with Newcastle Roofing Professionals gives you access to the best roofing advice and a full report on the condition of your roof. Additionally, you have the opportunity to discuss roof repairs, roof restoration, and installation of gutter guard, ventilators or other fixtures with an experienced roofing professional.

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