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25 Jun 2024

What is a Roof Seal

What is Roof Seal

A roof is one of the most important components of a house to protect it from the elements and environment. Being exposed to the weather all day, you need a strong, sealed roof. This is why a roof seal is extremely important. Understanding the types, application and significance of roof seal can help you prolong the life of your precious home. There are many benefits to seals on your roof.

Roof seal, also known as roof sealant, is a protective coating that is applied to roofs to strengthen their durability and weather resistance. It acts as a barrier stopping roof penetrations such as water, UV rays and other harmful elements. Roof sealants can be applied to a range of roof material types such as colorbond metal, asphalt or a tiled roof roof.

Benefits of Roof Seal

Water Proof:

One of the most significant benefits of a roof seal is its ability to prevent leaks in your roof. By providing a waterproof barrier on your roof it ensures that rainwater does not seep into the roof structure. When water gets inside your roof the structural integrity and quality drops, which can also create mould.

UV Resistant: 

Roof seals protect your roof against harmful UV rays. UV rays can degrade your roof over time. Using a UV protective Roof Seal is very important to keep your roof strong for years. It also helps maintain strength and aesthetic appeal of your roof including the colour.

Energy Efficiency:

If you use a reflective roof sealant it can bounce heat away from your house, this reduced the temperature in the roof cavity and inside the building. Keeping your cooler in the hotter months of the year.

Extended Roof Life:

Australia has strong and large weather swings throughout the years. Using roof seal can significantly extend the lifespan of your roof because it reduces the need for repairs or work to maintain.

Improved Aesthetics:

A fresh coat of sealant, regardless of the colour does a great job to showcase a well maintained and polished look. Some common colours are grey, navy or dark green.

Types of Roof Sealants

There a few different types of roof sealants, all for different roof types and scenarios.

Acrylic Sealants:

Known for the versatility and ease of use acrylic sealants are water based and ideal for majority of roofing materials. Acrylic sealants provide UV protection with a reflective formula to improve the efficiency of your roof.

Silicone Sealants:

Silicone is a very durable substance, making it a good sealant for areas with harsh climates. With superior characteristics for water proofing, and strong weather.

Polyurethane Sealants:

Using polyurethane sealant is a good idea if you want something that have adhere well to different surfaces. Roof with slight movements or vibrations are the best for this type of roof seal. It is also good with UV resistance and waterproofing capabilities.

What do we use?

Newcastle Roofing Professionals use the brand Industrial Roof Coatings.

WB Primer

When resealing pre-painted roofs we use the WB Primer. This gives the best result for any re-seal.

Roof Primer

Tile Roof

Platinum Primer

The best primer on the market it the Industrial Roof Coatings Platinum Primer, which leave a high build primer coat on a tiled roof.

Metal Roof

Metal Primer Plus

Metal Primer Plus is the best primer for metal and colorbond surfaced roofs.

Roof Protect

The 20 year roof protect is the best sealant on the market. With built in UV inhibitors and reflectors to give you 20 years of guaranteed protection on your roof.


Roof sealants are essential for homeowners who are looking to extend the life of their roofs and protect their houses from the elements. Newcastle Roofing Professionals use a range of different products to achieve the best look and protector for any sort of roof. Regular maintenance and inspections on your roof will ensure that you are living safe and sound creating long lasting protection from your working order roof sealant.

Newcastle Roofing Professionals are a licensed and insured network of highly skilled roofing tradesmen delivering outstanding products, services and, most importantly, workmanship for over three decades.

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